Saturday, May 1, 2010


Jordan is doing well and enjoying his mission. He has been made senior companion and District Leader. This means that he is training someone who is relatively new in the mission and is also responsible for other missionaries in a small geographical location. He has a new companion, Elder Blacker from Idaho.
Jordan asked me to let you all know that if you have any questions about Argentina, such as the language, customs, food etc. you can ask them via the blog, through the comment section. I, his mom, will send Jordan the questions and he will answer them. I will then post them on this Blog.
Hope you enjoy the new pictures.

Cookin' On The Grill

What would Jordan do without a grill to cook on? Here he is on his day off or as it is called Pday (Preparation Day), which are on Mondays. He is cooking hamburgers with some other missionaries looking on. When asked if there is a difference in the taste of beef, Jordan answered, "No, but the way the Argentines put a hamburger together is different from Americans." He goes on to say that in America we put lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon. In Argentina they put cheese, ham and a fried egg! To quote Jordan, "THEY ARE MAD GOOD!!".


Jordan has had many opportunities to help others. Here is a picture of him helping a family lay the foundation for an addition to their home.

In a previous post I mentioned a Toucan. Well, here he, she or it is! Do you believe someone has this bird as a pet? Wonder what they eat?