Monday, February 15, 2010


15 February 2010

FINALLY we have the slide show up. If you scroll down and look at the left hand side you will find it. There are pictures of the dark cloud, the great flood and Jordan's apartment from Goya. ENJOY!
Jordan is still serving in Resistencia and says that he is sweating bullets in the summer weather. He has reached a milestone with the Spanish language. One of the other missionaries wanted to talk to Jordan in English and Jordan kept mixing in Spanish words.
On his birthday, Jan.20th, Jordan and the other missionaries played basketball. There wasn't a net so he and another Elder made one out of rags. It sounded like they had a good time.
I asked Jordan about doing laundry and he said that they have members of the church do it. It gives the members some income. When Jordan's brother served in Ecuador he paid about $0.50 a load.
We are awaiting more pictures and will post them as soon as they get here.

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