Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting My Feet Wet...

23 Nov 09
The food is great, I have had a couple things that I´ve been like umm ok a little bit sketchy but its still all good. I am loving everything except for the language barrier and a little homesick.
My story for this week happened today, basically every night this week we’ve had a thunderstorm or at least a lot of them. and last night too, this morning it looked a bit gloomy and my companion opened the window and stuck his head out and looked out and he goes, “Have you seen Independence Day?” I was like yea and he says, “Look.” and I stuck my head out and it looked like there was a pitch black cloud in the distance with a clear line between the regular summer day and the cloud and rather quickly the cloud was overhead and then eventually the cloud was all we could see and was a cloud burst like I have never seen, and when we finally ventured out of the apartment to see if the church had power or somewhere had power, we walked out of the apartment and at the bottom of the stairs there was about 2 or 3 inches of rain water on the walkway and I was laughing and then we opened the door in from of our apartment and look out and the entire city was covered in water like a foot deep (pictures coming soon). I was like if I am going to be here I might as well experience stuff like this cause it was nuts so we basically swam to the church and then to the sisters apartment because their apartment flooded and worked on clearing the drains in the apartment. They were filled with bugs (cockroaches to be specific). And then after we played in the water.


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