Sunday, October 17, 2010

El Mono

Hi Everyone,
Well, I am over a month behind with this post. I apologize but time got away from me. Time is flying for Jordan too. He can't believe he has less than a year to go! Jordan is doing well and as of this writing is still in Resistencia. The weather is heating up as it will soon be summer. Winter wasn't too bad. Jordan said there were times that it was chilly and he was glad he listen to me and packed an all-weather coat w/lining. ( Mom's do know best!)
As promised here is the picture of the monkey that Jordan made friends with. As you can see there is a chain leash attached. It is someone's pet. Maybe Jordan needs to rethink his major from Music to Animal Science. Just a thought.

A recent experience that Jordan had was one of the missionaries in his Zone was playing soccer on their day off. He injured his back and he had to be moved into Jordan's apartment. Jordan then had to communicate with the doctor, who was in Buenos Aires, which was OK as the doctor spoke English. But then he had to translate what the doctor said back into Spanish so that he could tell the Mission President, who doesn't speak English. Jordan said that he ended up spelling a lot of the medications and procedures because those technical terms were not part of his vocabulary. Everything worked out OK and the missionary was sent home so that he could get the proper medical care.
In his emails to us Jordan has expressed how much he has grown as a person through the experiences he's had on his mission and how he has grown to love the people he has met. As his brother (who served in Ecuador) expressed,"Studying a semester abroad doesn't even come close to what one experiences on a mission."

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  1. Cute monkey! (Jordan looks good too!) I would not change majors. It sounds like the translation experience was a good one. Thanks for the update.
    Love, Aunt Kathryn