Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Jordan Update

Well as promised last summer here are some more pictures of Jordan. If some are a repeat I apologize. I really need to take a computer class! It took me 2 hours to figure out how to get the slide show up and running. But enough of that. Jordan, as of this writing, is still in Northern Resistencia. He really enjoys the area and the people. We had a nice chat with him on Christmas day and he said the weather has been hot. We asked him how cold it gets in the winter and he said it can get pretty cold. I don't think as cold as the Northeast but once your body adjusts to over 100 degree summers anything below 40 could be cold!!
One of the things he treated himself too was a pair of custom made leather shoes! There are a lot of leather goods in Argentina due to all the cattle that are raised there. When Jordan's brother heard this he requested a pair too!
If you have been wondering about the worth of a peso to the dollar. Jordan said that 40 pesos is equal to $10.00 US dollars. Another words 1 peso = 1 quarter.

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